Online Delivery Service
Online Delivery Service
Online Delivery Service

We have spent many years honing our online delivery service. We have a great team who dedicate their Christmas to harvesting, hand-selecting and packing the perfect trees for many customers. Our drop shipping solution is available for all customers big or small - from farm shops to national retailers. We have developed the service and our unique packaging to maximise freshness, deliver efficiently and provide a great customer experience

Why Choose Premium Christmas Trees?

We view the trees several times per year in Scotland, and choose which fields and plantations our tress will be cut from.
We choose specific premium quality trees and label them in the field in September time to ensure our customers receive only the very best trees.
Every tree is hand picked for each customer. Two days before the delivery data, the tree is selected and checked for a third time to make sure that it meets the size and quality specifications, and any special requests which have been made.
The trees are cut between the end of November and mid December, depending upon the proposed delivery date. They are transported to a farm where they are measured and graded for a second time, the trunk is cut and placed in water so that the tree can begin drinking again.
The trees is then labelled for the customer and netted through a Christmas tree netting funnel to make it easier to handle and transport. Packaged in a special tree transporter bag, full protection for the tree is provided.
As close as possible to dispatch, 2cm is chopped at the bottom of the tree – this opens the tree up means it is more likely to drink water when in a water holding stand. The tree is dispatched the working day before it is due for delivery to keep the time spent in transit to a minimum and maximise freshness.
Trees are cut at regular intervals throughout December to ensure that we constantly have a fresh supply of Christmas trees, and to reduce the time between the tree being cut and it being delivered to the customer.
The customer receives texts / emails throughout the day of their delivery to update on the progres of the driver. If possible, the driver will call 30 mins before delivery.

Premium Christmas trees are one of the best in the industry, get in touch today to discuss any queries you have