Our slimline range has been our fastest selling ever - the first to sell out for us and our customers every year. Have your customers always wanted a 7ft tree but only had space for a 6ft? Look no further

Why choose the Slimline?

Narrow Tree, Great Shape

Premium, Traditional and Mixed grades

60% of normal width

With a rise in modern homes, and flats, we spotted an opportunity about five years ago to develop a range of Nordmann Fir Trees which are slimmer so that they fit more easily into the home

With careful pruning by skilled professionals over several years, we have been able to produce a slimline Nordmann fir that is perfect for customers who want a tall but compact tree. A Nordmann slimline tree is the result of many years of hard work and attention to detail. After 6 years, We hand-select the trees we believe will make the best slimline tree based on their shape, and their development. The trees are pruned very hard over years 6, 7 and 8 to keep a slim shape, but keeping them full to the top. All of the pruning is done by hand by skilled professionals. In Years 9-10 – In the final two years before the tree is harvested, the pruning is limited to the regular regime. This allows the tree to fill out, leaving a lovely full tree that is also slim.

Available in Premium, Traditional and Nordmann Slimline Mix Grades.

Premium Nordmann Slimline is our most popular tree, with tight grading ensuring a consistent tree.

Nordmann Slimline Mix has a 175-240cm height range in a mix of premium, traditional and value quality. It represents superb value for money and has been our fastest selling tree for the past two years.

Are you curious on how we do it?

View our Slimline Tree Sizes, Pallet Numbers & Gallery Below

Tree Type Tree Size Pallet Qty
Premium Nordman Slimline 125 - 150cm 130
Premium Nordman Slimline 150 - 180cm 110
Premium Nordman Slimline 180 - 210cm 100
Premium Nordman Slimline 210 - 240cm 70
Nordman Slimline Mix 180 - 240cm 100

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